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What is CLIConline?

CLIConline is an online channel offering information, news and advice for all young people aged 11 to 25 in Wales on a wide range of subjects and issues, including where to get support in your local area.

The focal point of CLIConline is interactive websites which allow young people and the organisations that work with them to upload articles, pictures, videos and themes, and to publicise events and activities.

As an ‘all Wales’ project working with local counties in developing youth-led websites, CLIConline is overseen at regional levels by editorial groups who meet monthly, and also by the National Editorial Group of young people who meet throughout the year on residential weekends.

Who is CLIConline for?

All children and young people in Wales aged between 11 and 25.

What’s unique about CLIConline?

  • Content is created, written and updated by you and the organisations that support your activities
  • CLIConline allows you to say what you want and promotes your exchange of views and experiences
  • CLIConline creates, develops and shares information locally and nationally
  • Sharing multimedia showcases your creative ideas and skills including writing, design, video and photography
  • The channel works closely with youth information networks across Wales to share resources with you
  • It is a platform for you and youth organisations to publicise your progress and achievements
  • The project highlights good ideas and practices for everyone to learn from
  • You can find out about projects and how to get involved from all areas of Wales
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