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A Positive View Of Young People

Posted by archifCLICarchive from National - Published on 12/10/2010 at 14:57
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Yn Gymraeg

When the following words turn up in the news they are connected to negative things: Young people, Children in their teens. There is no way of avoiding the fact that young people are stereotyped, this is the kind of things that people, usually, think when they hear/see these words:

Young people: fierce, violent, drunks, druggies (sometimes)

Children in their teens: violent, fierce, disrespectful, gangs, vandals, danger to the community

But not all people in their teens are bad and run wild causing trouble to everyone. Only a small percentage gives young people a bad name, most of us are active, sensible and ready to help and better things. There are a lot of positive things that young people take part in for example: performance clubs, instrument lessons, sports, choirs, competitions, speaking competitions, writing competitions, Eisteddfodetc. Most pupils in the school go to at least one of these clubs.

There are a lot of examples where young people show their understanding and responsibility in different situations. Some decide to help in nurseries or in schools during their days away from school (HMS). Others take part in Duke Of Edinburgh activities where they have to do a certain amount of volunteering.

With some young people they feel glad to be a part of something good instead of acting stupid. I can be honest and say that I enjoy helping others; I enjoy the feeling when older people take you seriously. Like they do when you go to help in a nursery school or on work experience. I don’t know anybody who acts badly or the kind of people who cause the whole problem of young people being portrayed badly in the news/newspapers. The fact that we do this work shows that there are young people who are active who are ready to show the good in young people.

Written by Sioned

IMAGE: Leeky-Boy Leeks

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