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Cerdd Edward Cullen

Posted by twilightcrazedxxx from Cardiff - Published on 14/02/2012 at 15:31
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  • twilight

English version

Efallai dy fod di'n meddwl fy mod i ychydig yn drist os ydw i'n rhannu efo ti beth dwi'n ei wneud pan dwi wedi diflasu ac i fod yn onest dwi wedi gwirioni gormod efo Twilight. Ond dyma fgerdd dwi wedi ysgrifennu am Edward Cullen.

[Gol: Gan fod y darn barddoniaeth hwn wedi cael ei gyflwyno yn Saesneg rydym wedi penderfynu peidio cyfieithu fel nad yw'r patrwm a'r odl yn cael ei golli]

He will always be seventeen,
His eyes are black or gold,
He can read the thoughts of anyone,
He can never grow old.

He has a wife called Bella,
He's such a lucky fella,
He has a daughter as well,
His favourite sense is smell.

He's 6'2 in height,
Bella always thinks he's right,
He has adopted sisters and brothers,
Two of each there are no others.

He owns an Aston Martin Vanquish,
And a silver Volvo although,
He bought a Porsche for Alice,
That she will always cherish.

He loves classical music,
And the piano that he uses,
He wrote Bella's lullaby,
With time to kill all night.

He was the first vampire that Carlisle created,
After that all his life he hated,
He wishes he were mortal,
He wants to go back into the portal.

Dwi'n gobeithio dy fod di wedi mwynhau. Pls gad sylwad!

Sefydliadau – Llyfrgelloedd Caerdydd

Newyddion – Ysgrifennu Creadigol

Gwybodaeth – Llenyddiaeth

Clicia yma am fwy o newyddion Twilight o theSprout

DELWEDD: Sparkle in the sun

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