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Home Is Where The Heart Is

Posted by kalomeeragregorio from Pembrokeshire - Published on 06/03/2013 at 12:21
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  • A grim day at Gateholm, Pembrokeshire

Yn Gymraeg

I am often complaining about where I live: Pembrokeshire.

I'm not the only one though.

Whenever I scroll through the homepages of social media sites, whether it be Facebook or Twitter, there are always people complaining:

"It's too quiet. There's nothing to do. It's always raining. Everyone knows everyone and therefore everyone knows everyone's business."

But let's just stop for a second, and put this into perspective.

National Geographic voted the Pembrokeshire coastline the second best in the World. Yes, the World. Our county, our beaches, beat places such as New Zealand, Hawaii and the Seychelles.

My home county has been recognised for its immense beauty. Then I think, why do I want to leave? Why would I want to live anywhere else?

We have civil unrest, war, and unnecessary murder in the Middle East, we have major gun crime in the USA, massive drug groups in South America, famine in Africa, child labour in Asia, and financial crisis in the rest of Europe.

Why am I so eager to leave Pembrokeshire? A place where our biggest problem is the weather.

I am proud to say that I live in one of the most inspiring, most breathtaking, and most elegant places on this planet. Although I shall be leaving in September for university, and although I am excited in anticipation for this move, I will no doubt want to come back.

I will miss Pembrokeshire, because home is where the heart is...

IMAGE: Earthwatcher via Compfight cc

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Commented 26 months ago - 8th March 2013 - 21:09pm

I love Tenby and Pembrokeshire - spent loads of time there with family when I was younger. Imagine showing friends you make in uni around there, who are perhaps from big cities or urban sprawls - they'll love it!

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