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Review: One Direction Live

Posted by Ollys_Direction from Rhondda Cynon Taff - Published on 04/03/2013 at 10:45
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Yn Gymraeg // Welsh version

It’s fair to say that One Direction have had the best two to three years of their lives.

After proving to be highly popular on Britain’s biggest talent show, The X Factor, the five heartthrobs have lived up to their name and gone in one direction and that direction is up.

Cardiff was the boys’ destination for the weekend and performed four shows in three days at the Motorpoint Arena (CIA).

The wait was long but totally and utterly worth it. The capital of Wales saw thousands of fans throughout the day, full of enthusiasm, during the build-up to the arena doors opening at 6 p.m ready for an unforgettable night. Unforgettable was exactly what it was.

No two One Direction performances are the same as the boys keep things fresh and are always showing off with their cheeky attitudes and playful banter amongst themselves and the crowd.

Friday’s performance included Niall Horan’s amazing Welsh accent, a large daffodil held by Harry, a story about Louis and the milkshake mishap during the X Factor Tour in Cardiff and your average banter from the boys. Oh, and 10 points for Harry’s effort to say Wales in Welsh!

Halfway through the performance, the band floated over the audience and arrived on a platform in the middle of the arena and rocked out to their charity single, a cover of Blondie’s One Way or Another and answered a few questions on Twitter before performing again and returning back to the main stage.

This was truly amazing as you were guaranteed at some point throughout the show to have a decent view of the teen sensations.

I could go on and on for a good few hours telling you so many details of the whole performance, but I’m afraid that neither you nor I have the time for that. However, I can assure you that the concert was goddamn amazing and I shall treasure every moment there.

Even the moment where the boys were late to their encore due to Niall’s full bladder (bless him).

I’d like to thank CLIConline and Wicid for this amazing opportunity and Camryn for helping me set this up. I have no idea how to repay you guys!

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Hope Love Live

Hope Love Live

Commented 26 months ago - 4th March 2013 - 15:36pm

You lucky dab! My favorite in order is Louis Niall Harry Liam and Zayn. Louis is so damn gorgeous, isn't he? And trust NIALLER TO BE LATE! But he is gorgeous. His accent is just wow. Were there any lyric changes? Big Brown Poo in Gotta Be You during UAN was hilarious. I hope to get tickets to see them in Spain as I live there now. They are so fudging hot I could melt in their presensce! Love the review and again you are lucky!



Commented 26 months ago - 4th March 2013 - 15:57pm

@Hope Love Live Ahahaha, thank you! I swear I cannot pick a favorite! They are all amazing in their own way! Yeah, typical Niall haha! Mind, they weren't that long, like 5 minutes and we all expected that because it was the encore. And yes! The two I noticed were "And it makes no sense to Tim" by Louis during Little Things and Liam sang "The music's up and Niall is down!" during LWWY and Niall shouted "No I'm not!"

Seriously, they are nutters! But I wouldn't want it any other way. I hope you get to see them in Spain, too! It's crazy being in the same room as them. They were like 3 feet in front of me at one point and Harry was trying to be serious and the light was on me so I made a funny face and he smiled and all the girls were like "OH MY GOD, HE SMILED AT YOU!"



Commented 26 months ago - 4th March 2013 - 15:59pm

Grr, I hadn't finished posting and I accidentally submitted the comment. Anyway. I also caught Liam's attention when I waved my hat around like crazy and he laughed and copied my wave! They sound so awesome live. Niall's Welsh accent was brilliant! He sounded like me at one point! I lost my voice after the concert, but who cares? It was completely worth it!

Hope Love Live

Hope Love Live

Commented 26 months ago - 4th March 2013 - 16:45pm

YOU MADE HARRY HOTNESS STYLES SMILE? I now worship you. Did you know that if he looks at you from a distance for more than a second, he thinks you're attractive? Harry finds you attractive! I am so jealous lol move over Taylor Swift (;
Sounds so amazing I wish I could of been there! I hope clic gets you to meet 1d someday and if it happens tell the boys I say hi heheheh.
I am so getting Louis skater tattoo when I am older because it's cute!



Commented 26 months ago - 5th March 2013 - 09:56am

I have the One Direction Infection! You made Harry smile? I wish I was you, you beautiful human! Niall is drop dead gorgeous. They all are but Niall is the one for me. He treats girls with so much respect. Did they do "the joe"? I am trying to perfect it but I can't do it as well as Boobear, Leeyum and Hazza just yet. One Way Or Another is amazing and IMO its way better than Blondie because the boys attitude is amazing and all like F YEAH!

Ahhhh, my love for these boys is crazy. Love the review!!!



Commented 26 months ago - 5th March 2013 - 11:33am

Hahaha! Thanks, guys!

@Hope Love Live I doubt VERY much he finds me attractive! He probably thought "what's that weirdo doing?" haha! And meeting One Direction would be amazing! But they have soooo many fans and are so popular right now, that would take an unbelievable miracle and if it happened, I think I would believe in God.

@TWLOHA Aww, thanks ahaha! Niall is a good looking boy, it has to be said! They all are! And yes! They did The Joe! They did a bit of a remix of it. You'll have to YouTube it to get what I mean. And Louis and Niall did a Jazz Square and oh my word, they were brilliant! I love OWOA! The video is brilliant and they should be allowed to direct their videos more often!

Thanks so much for your positive comments! Really made me smile!


Commented 26 months ago - 7th March 2013 - 13:02pm



Commented 25 months ago - 5th April 2013 - 13:21pm

Wow. I went to see One Direction in Cardiff too! It was so amazing and a wonderful life experience I will never forget. The atmoshphere was just too good for words. When they sang Little Things and Over Again the crowd all stopped screaming and sang along. The moment was perfect. As you looked around the area, you could see cameras, phones and any kind of light swaying in time to the music. The day was truly heart stopping. I love the boys so much and they are such an inspiration and all the directioners in that area felt such a close connection to them. I love your review too!:)



Commented 25 months ago - 5th April 2013 - 16:21pm

@TeamOneDirection OMG, I know! It was amazing! But after all the screaming and singing from both 1D and Olly Murs, I can no longer sing or speak in a high voice. It was such an amazing moment during Little Things everyone was getting emotional until Louis went and sang "it makes no sense to Tim" and everyone just laughed. Trust Louis to make a moment like that! Did you go on 1st March or did you go another date? Ack, I really want to see them live again, it was truly amazing! But I'm taking a drink because my throat got so dry, I was coughing a lot. Not good -_-



Commented 25 months ago - 5th April 2013 - 16:21pm

Oh, and thanks!! x

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