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The CLICawards 2011

Posted by Snow.. from Vale Of Glamorgan - Published on 20/11/2011 at 12:32
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Yn Gymraeg

What a night! You turn up and it’s like a circus outside, you get in and there were so many crazy hats it was unbelievable!

I was so excited for it, I was even at the pick up place 15 minutes early! When we finally got to Cardiff Museum, the boys from Flintshire found me straight away, so I said hi, and we then ventured off through the crowd to find more friends from CLIC. Although it was freezing outside, and we were all shivering, for some reason, the only thing anyone could say was “Where’s Dan, and what is he wearing?!” – this was even the main topic for conversation when the circus acts were jumping off the handles on the stairs.

At last, we were allowed in. After being given my goodie bag I saw the table for Swoosh straight away – right in the centre at the front (we had a perfect view of everything; including Eric Unseen :D). I dumped my bags on the table and then went for a wander and found even more people from CLIC who I hadn’t seen for a while and had a quick catch up before settling down to watch the show.

Our hosts for the evening, Danial Evans and Beth Owen from Anglesey, both did a brilliant job of presenting the show and handing out the awards.
To be fair, the comedian really wasn’t that good, and he threw my leopard hat on the floor (River Island isn’t cheap, ‘ya know!) but Eric Unseen really made up for it. They were absolutely amazing! They also gave out free t-shirts and CDs, not to mention they were pretty hot :D.

Swoosh won a few awards – I got 3rd place for the Most Useful Article, Bearshead had 1st place for the Best Creative Article, and Emilyyy got 3rd place for best video article; GO SWOOSHIES, WHOO! I won a t-shirt saying CLIC Awards Winner across the front, which I will be wearing everywhere!

It was an amazing night, with amazing live music and a room full of winners. I can’t wait ‘till next year, and I best start getting articles sorted now – those trophies looked really good!


You can see some of the photos on our photo gallery. The rest will be uploaded soon!

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Swoosh Editor

Commented 33 months ago - 21st November 2011 - 16:37pm

I'm so proud of the Swoosh crew! Well done to everyone who was nominated and who won as well! :)



Commented 33 months ago - 21st November 2011 - 16:46pm

Was my outfit worthy of the discussion? :p

And heyyy, I thought Robin (the comedian) was good! Although the hall was really echoey which made it hard to hear if you were sat further back. Which really just goes to show we should have been allowed the woolly mammoth to use as a sound absorber.



Commented 33 months ago - 21st November 2011 - 21:09pm

Well, Dan, seeing as at every resi, you're the member of CLIC staff who has multiple outrageous hats, masks and props - the main topic of dicussion was whatever you turned up in lol.
And really, he was a little bit boring, and not happy about the leopard hat! I was actually quite gutted when I didn't see a giant woolly mammoth on my table (I wonder where they hid him for the night) but the whole night more than made up for the absence of our woolly friend )



Commented 33 months ago - 23rd November 2011 - 01:35am

Awesome article, Jess! And Dan, the two Aarons, Nick and I were all knocking the door going "WE WANNA SEE DAAAAN!" You're clearly loved! haha. I couldn't hear a word Robin said.

Anyway, can we have our own woolly mammoth? Or something awesomer? Pleeeeeeeeeeease? I wanted to keep one of the chickens from Anglesey but they weren't very good at keeping quiet -_- x



Commented 33 months ago - 23rd November 2011 - 16:57pm

I want a mammoth o.O
We should get a CLIC mammoth! Life would be complete >:D



Commented 33 months ago - 23rd November 2011 - 17:50pm

YES! We can take it for walkies, it can come on residentials, it can have it's own funny hat, Even it's own CLIC t-shirt! Though it'd have to be made out of a few bed sheets put together. Even get a competition to name him/her. Can we? PLEEEEEEEASE? Or a chicken. Or a rabbit. Or a dog. But I might steal the dog. Just saying. >:) x



Commented 33 months ago - 23rd November 2011 - 17:53pm

And for the record, is it just my sleeping pattern that has truly mucked up since Saturday? x



Commented 33 months ago - 24th November 2011 - 14:46pm

Ok then, for those of you who were gutted to not see the woolly mammoth on Saturday as we got there a little early to set up and stuff we went on the hunt for the beast and found he had a tiny little baby with him too! Awwwww. So I've added a couple of photos to the article for you to have a nosy and to actually prove that the mammoth does indeed exist! (And also to make you a teeny bit jealous that we got to see him ;O) )



Commented 33 months ago - 29th November 2011 - 19:49pm

I love Defaid's little mascot being cheeckily thrown into the photo of the mammoths :') x

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